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6 Secrets to Create Irresistible Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are a fun way to show off your personality as a business owner, and also to grow your business overall. When utilized properly, Reels can help you achieve your business goals!

Ready to learn my 6 secrets to create irresistible Instagram Reels? Follow these tips to start creating Reels that will help move the needle for your business!

🤫 Secret 1: Set a goal for each Reel

Just like you would with any other feed posts on Instagram, make sure you’re tying your Reels back to specific goals.

Maybe they fall into one of your educational content buckets and you are educating your audience and providing value. Maybe you are promoting a new product or service that you’re offering.

There’s always some sort of goal aligned with your Instagram feed posts, so you want to do the same for your Reels. This will be more valuable from a business perspective and ensure you’re posting Reels that are aligned with business growth.

🤫 Secret 2: Test out different types of Reels

Try out different types of video content for your Reels! A few examples are: 

  • Screen recordings
  • Graphic videos created in Canva
  • Pointing at text to a trending audio
  • Face-to-camera trainings

🤫 Secret 3: Keep your text short and sweet

When there’s too much text or it moves too quick, viewers won’t stick around to decipher what it says. Rewatch the Reel yourself before posting to make sure you’re able to read each slide. 

If you can’t read the text in the clip that you’ve created, go back and shorten the text or make the clip longer!

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🤫 Secret 4: Include a call-to-action in your Instagram Reels

I love to include this right in the video itself at the end of the Reel. Your call-to-action can be anything—reading the caption for more, going to the link in your bio, signing up for a program, etc.

As viewers, we want to be told what to do and we don’t want to waste our time figuring out what steps to take next. Including a strong call-to-action will help you see more traction with your overall business goals from your Reels! 

🤫 Secret 5: Show your personality through songs!

Use trending songs OR songs that you love and that show your personality. I actually like doing this even more because as a viewer, it’s more relatable.

For example, I saw a Reel last week and a girl included a Tom Petty song. I thought to myself, ‘I love Tom Petty so I’m going to watch this Reel because it’s not a song that I hear often on Reels’ and it made her stand out!

Don’t be afraid to utilize songs that may be throwbacks, or aren’t as popular because in the end it might help you stand out even more to your audience.

🤫 Secret 6: Have fun!

Honestly this is what has helped me gain traction and enjoy creating Reels the most! We put so much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect Instagram feeds, and it’s simply not necessary!

I’ve heard so many people say that the reason they haven’t hopped on Reels yet is because they feel like it has to be perfect. But let me tell you, creating Reels should be a FUN, seamless process.

Show your personality and don’t be afraid to come off a little quirky. Just show who you are, because that’s what your audience wants to see!

Reels are a place where we can let our guard down and take the pressure off. We shouldn’t feel the need to be so perfect the way we feel with other places on Instagram or social media in general, so just have fun and be yourself!

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