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How to Audit Your Instagram in 10 Minutes

When it comes to using Instagram for business purposes, there are definitely some simple ways to enhance and optimize your profile. Here’s a quick overview on 5 steps you can take to audit your Instagram business profile in about 10 minutes!

πŸ“² Instagram Audit Step 1: Profile Photo

If you are the face of your business, you want to make sure that your profile photo is a headshot! This will humanize your brand and account and people will be able to see exactly who you are right when they land on your profile.

If your business is a shop or something where you’re not necessarily the face of your business, then a logo will work great. Just make sure it’s easy to read and crystal clear!

πŸ“² Instagram Audit Step 2: Name

Next up is the name in your bio… this is the actual name that appears on your profile right above your bio in bold letters.

Instagram uses this as a searchable feature, so include keywords that people might be searching in order to find your profile. For example, mine says “Marketing Strategist” which are very specific keywords that people would use to find me.

Make sure you are using this part of your profile strategically and incorporating specific keywords to help you get found.

πŸ“² Instagram Audit Step 3: Bio

You’ll be working within a character count, but here are a few things you should keep in mind for your business’s Instagram bio:

  • Tell us why we should follow you! What kind of content do you share? What are we going to learn from you? How are you going to help us or what products are you putting out that we need to be aware of? Make it short and sweet, but inform us of why we should hit that follow button
  • Infuse your personality! Don’t be afraid to show who you are and have fun with it. What can you include that will make you seem more relatable and human? Make sure to infuse some of your personality here as well.
  • Include a call to action! Make sure you have a very strong, specific call to action above your link. I love using command words to make it a powerful statement that will entice people to click the link.

πŸ“² Instagram Audit Step 4: Link in Bio

You might hate me for this, but if you have a LinkTree (or anything similar) as the link in your bio right now, go change it immediately *said with love*

If you own a domain and you are not linking to your website in your Instagram bio, that’s a problem. There’s two reasons that I don’t love LinkTree: 

The first reason is that you are losing that traffic; people who click that link are not coming directly to your website. So you’re not able to track what their journey is, how they got to your website and more.

The second reason I don’t like it is because it gives your viewers too many options. I understand that you have a million great resources and links you want your audience to see, but decision fatigue is real!

If you give us too many options of where we can go when we click your link, your audience is going to end up falling off and not going anywhere.

So utilize the link in your bio in a strategic and specific way to drive your audience to one great offer, resource, or blog post. And don’t be afraid to swap this out frequently!

πŸ“² Instagram Audit Step 5: Highlights

The first thing I want you to do is clear out any super old highlights. Anything that’s over a year old, get rid of! You can either update that topic by creating a new highlight for it or you can just drop it all together.

The second thing to do with your highlights is make it an engaging journey for your audience. Be really intentional and lead your viewers through getting to know you and your business to making a purchase or download.

My final tip when it comes to your highlights is to make sure that the highlight covers stand out against the rest of your profile and that they’re cohesive.

Those are my 5 quick steps to help you audit at your Instagram business profile in 10 minutes! If you have any questions on this training or want my eyes on your Instagram profile for another quick review, send me a DM on Instagram and I’d be more than happy to walk through it with you!

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