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5 Tips to Step Into a CEO Mindset

As business owners, having a mindset that supports our goals and business growth is crucial! You may have heard the term “CEO Mindset” before — I like to think of it as an empowered, confident, powerful mindset. Having a CEO mindset helps us know our worth, dream big and work to overcome any limiting beliefs that may be holding us back from business growth.

5 Tips to Step Into Your CEO Mindset

🧠 TIP 1: Taking messy action is better than waiting for perfection

I spent so long being stuck in this mindset because I’m a perfectionist! But I feel like for so long (I’m talking years!) I just did nothing.

I didn’t take any action because I felt like it had to be perfect in order for me to succeed. That’s just not true! 

Here’s the other thing to remember if you are struggling with a perfectionist mindset: nothing is ever going to be perfect in your business.

The best thing that you can do is take action right now. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it’s never going to be perfect, so just start today!

If there is a dream on your heart or a goal that you’ve been working towards and you’ve been putting it off because you feel like it has to be perfect, just stop thinking that and start taking action.

🧠 TIP 2: You are capable of more than you think

Start paying attention to the thoughts that you’re having and when the words “I can’t” are coming up, what follows those two words?

Start tuning into your thoughts and take a mental note of what follows “I can’t” or “I’m not good at.” Those are things that you’re just telling yourself you’re not capable of, but really you are

You are capable of literally anything! You have to just be willing to put the work in, so start paying attention to what those limiting beliefs are and remember that you are capable of more than you think you are!

🧠 TIP 3: Balance is attainable… and important!

Find the balance between living your life, and also building your business. Put as much time into doing things just for fun as you do into your business.

I’ve recently noticed that the more time I put into pursuing things that make me happy, the more energy I had to put back into my business. 

It’s almost like a cycle! You need to fuel yourself in order to have the energy to pursue your business goals. 

Once you start to find balance in areas of your life outside of your business, it will help your business as well. You will feel energized and inspired to take action on your goals.

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🧠 TIP 4: Literally no one is judging you (and if they are, that’s on them!)

I know how much fear of judgment can come up when you are trying to build a business.

I’m here to tell you… no one cares as much as you think they do. That sounds harsh, but it’s true! The people who are important to you aren’t judging you. And if they are, that’s something they have to work through! You can’t let it stop you.

Here’s what I’ve realized with fear of judgment… even if someone is throwing all the judgments my way… that doesn’t impact me. It has no impact on my life, my business, my sales.

Am I going to make less sales just because Jenny from high school is judging me? No! That has no impact on my business whatsoever.

Shift that mindset to believe that everyone in the world is admiring you and amazed at the progress that you’re making, and use that to fuel your business… isn’t that a better option?!

🧠 TIP 5: People need what you have to offer

Don’t be afraid to sell! So many people are so scared to talk about their offers because they don’t want to sound like a used car salesman or turn people away.

I get it, to an extent. Sometimes people can go about sales in a kind of icky way and it just doesn’t feel good. But when you are being authentic about selling your products or services, people are going to love it.

They’ll realize that they need what you have to offer, and they’ll purchase. But in order for that to happen, they need to hear you talking about it!

Are you struggling with any of these business mindsets right now? If so, drop a comment or DM me on Instagram and let’s work through it!

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