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Instagram Reels Tutorial: 3 Mistakes You’re Making on Reels

Instagram Reels are a great way to grow your business on Instagram—if you’re doing it properly! So today’s episode is a quick Instagram Reels Tutorial!

The best way to improve your Reels is simply to get started, but there are a few simple ways business owners can improve their Reels and really make the most of this feature. I’m sharing 3 common Instagram Reels mistakes I see entrepreneurs making, and how to fix them right now. 

Instagram Reels Tutorial: 3 Instagram Reels Mistakes to Avoid

🫣 Mistake 1: Text

The first (and easiest to fix!) mistake that I see on Instagram Reels is making the text difficult to read.

I come across so many Reels with text cut off, or covered by the caption, and also Reels that have a big chunk of text that flies by before I can finish reading it.

If you’re putting text in your Reels, be sure to follow these two rules of thumb:

  1. Stay within the guidelines that Instagram gives you. When positioning your text on the screen, you’ll see slightly-transparent guidelines pop up of where your username and caption will show up. Work within the open area on your screen so nothing gets cut off or covered!
  2. Re-watch your Reel before posting. Make sure you can easily read every single text clip within the allotted amount of time you’ve given it. If you have to rewatch your Reel 3 times just to read the text, your audience will have difficulty reading it, as well.

🫣 Mistake 2: Not showing your personality

On Instagram, we’re so used to seeing perfectly curated feeds. Reels are not the place for that! Reels are a place to have fun, connect with your viewers and show your personality.

Don’t be afraid to show who you actually are and share the behind-the-scenes of your life and business.

You can show your personality through the songs you use, your facial expression, what you say and what you do in the Reel. Just be yourself and have a good time showing your personality on Reels!

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🫣 Mistake 3: Not including a call-to-action

If you’re using Reels with hopes of growing your business, make sure to include a call-to-action right in the video itself!

Of course, not every Reel needs a call-to-action. But if you’re sharing an educational, promotional or valuable Reel, clearly state what step you want your viewer to take next.

You can tie these calls-to-action into your overarching business goals to start seeing actual business growth from your amazing Reels!

To recap, the 3 mistakes that you might be making on Instagram Reels are:

  1. Text: Avoid cutting your text off or making it difficult to read.
  2. Personality: Make sure to show your personality and be yourself!
  3. Call to Action: Include a specific call to action for your viewers to take the next step

What questions do you have on Reels?! Send me a DM on Instagram @marketingshift and I’ll give you an expanded Instagram Reels tutorial and some free coaching on Reels right in the DMs!

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